Soka Peace Gala

Infinity Events transforms the Soka University Recreation Center into this magnificent Gala space. IEI is the creation and vision of President/Owner Robb Thornsberry. The objective of IEI is to provide comprehensive, innovative and diverse event and meeting services to a wide range of corporate, non-profit and private groups.
As an event designer, it can take months if not a year or more to create a single guest experience that may only last 3-4 hours which is why is it so important to visually document the event with dynamic photos and video.

John Fitzpatrick has brilliantly found a way to take a regular event photo shoot to the extreme next level! This is the "A-HA" moment that many event professionals have been waiting for.

--- Robb Thornsberry, Infinity Events Inc.

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There are several factors that influence our service fees:

  • the amount of space being scanned
  • the amount of time we estimate it will take
  • the distance traveled to your site

We offer additional pricing flexiblility in situations where one or more of the following conditions exist:

  • the client commits to multiple models over time
  • the client is a charitable organization
  • there is in-kind promotion value to us

Our base service fee is $250 and we suggest using $.15/sq ft as a budgeting tool.

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